Keep to the high ground…

The miasma will do more than kill you, it will corrupt your body and soul, eating into the foundation of your being and driving you mad. Eventually consumed by the mists, you will arise as a mindless undead hungering for the living. This miasma covers all the lowlands, slowly churning, ebbing and flowing, almost alive in its necrotic state. It is the color of sickness and pestilence — pale, greyish, and thick, rendering the lowlands impassable to the living, and a spawning ground for the walking dead. Listen carefully to the mists and you can almost hear the souls of the damned, but take care you don’t venture too close and become one of them…

It all started the day the gods died.

No one knows what truly caused the war. Likely the two pantheons were brought into conflict though the travel and exploration, magical and otherwise, of their mortal worshipers. The priests held great sway over all the kingdoms of old, and with them came the power of worship. As followers were poached from one religion to the next, gods became jealous and angry. Each loss scarred the egos of these powerful beings, and drove them ever more inevitably towards conflict.

The war lasted mere seconds by mortal reckoning. So great was the power put forth in those few seconds that the earth shook, the skies burned, and the moon itself shattered into four parts. The Twelve gods of the Eternal Order fought the Seven of the Vigilant, and all of divine beings were slain. All but one that is. The god of death and madness, who stood apart from both pantheons by being both older and more strange, could not be killed. Once imprisoned, the deaths of the gods freed it from constraints placed upon it by those who feared it. Now it turned its eyes upon the mortal world. With its unbound power it created the miasma to swallow all the lands and remake creation in its image.

But before the world could be engulfed completely in the growing misama, the mortal mage-kings of Aslari, the greatest of the human empires, uncovered the last artifact of Kalisa, the now dead goddess of magic. With it they put the god of nightmares, insanity, and death into a deep slumber moments before they too were swallowed by the miasma.

To this day the Death God sleeps, and should it ever awaken, the world will be plunged into madness and destruction.

The miasma remains however. Heavy and thick, it covers the lowlands, engulfing all the old kingdoms and lands of Aslari, the Eight Nations, and the Elven Homelands. The survivors fled to islands of land at higher elevations and began to rebuild. That was almost four hundred years ago.

Now with the ever changing orbits of the four shards of the moon, the tides of the miasma have shifted, revealing scarred lands of the dead, and connecting some islands of life that had been secluded for centuries. But the fickle tides are hard to predict, and as one land-bridge is retaken by the miasma, a new one forms…

The Mists of Tezugoro is a homebrewed game based on the Pathfinder rules system. We will mostly be following Pathfinder RAW, with a few, but important, houserules thrown in.

Please check out the Wiki tab for more information on classes, races, and so forth that are available to players, as well as important background information on the campaign.

The Mists of Tezugoro

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