Miasma Effects

The miasma has a strong necrotic effect on living creatures.

Being exposed and breathing in the vapors will cause a living creature to have to make a Fortitude save every 10 minutes of exposure. DC starts at 12, and will increase by 1 every 10 minutes of exposure. Mist-touched individuals gain a +2 to this save. If the DC is failed the individual take 1 point of either Constitution or Wisdom damage (determined randomly). This damage is cumulative for every failed save. It also cannot normally be headed by restoration spells as long as that person is exposed to the miasma.

Once a person has been out of the mists for a period of 24 hours they can make another save at the highest DC they made before; success will regain 1 point in any one of the abilities lost. This will continue every 24 hours he or she has been out of the miasma, with the DC decreasing by one each time. Once all damage has been restored, then the DC will be reset to 12 for if they return to the miasma.
A heal check at the highest DC rolled+4 will allow the individual to heal 2 ability points per 24 hour period and give the individual a +1 on the save for every 4 points the heal check was made by.

The way to minimize the effect of exposure is to use a special type of gas mask, with filters to breath though. The filters use a special moss that is prepared with a magical formula. Once prepared it can last for quite awhile, but eventually it will fail, and when it does protection will be lost. Even with the filter care should be taken not to expose too much skin to the miasma, although normal covering will help.

Magical spells and effect designed to ward away harmful environments or atmospheres only partially work due to the magical nature of the miasma, and usually a mask is still required.

Loss of a lot of Wisdom can cause madness, and loss of a lot of Constitution can cause fatigue…. but I will detail more on this later.

If either Wisdom or Constitution become 0, then the person dies, to rise again as a zombie.

Miasma Effects

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